We all know that ab exercises for fitness and health is something very important because your core is everything.


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Your legs and arms use the centre of your body for balance, strength, solidity and power. It improves your wellbeing plus it gives you a much better outlook on life.

It is important you remember what area the abdomen is and why ab exercise for fitness and health is very important. It is not just the tummy area but a whole range of muscles that help you move and stretch in every place of your daily routine.

When you are looking at targeting your abdomen, first think – repetition, repetition and repetition. This is the only way you will achieve results.

If you are walking or running you should be stretching out your body as well as stretching from side to side as you move. When doing ab exercises for fitness and health you need to make sure that the movements are coming from your abdomen as it is all too easy to move your arms and legs and believe you are stretching your abdomen muscles.

Another great ab exercise for fitness and health is to do what is called plank obliques. That is when you lower yourself down on your forearms, even that exercise by itself is an excellent ab exercise for fitness and health. Holding plank obliques for more than a minute or two will have you wobbling like a jelly fish.
Now that you are keen we will take you up a level, rotate your body and then lift your right knee and lower your right arm so the elbow makes contact with your right knee holding that squeeze position for your core for three breathes then repeat the exercise for the left side.

Remember repetition, repetition, repetition at a high enough rate of speed to keep your heart rate pumping. The more that you move while doing your ab exercise for fitness and health the better shape you are going to get into. With repetition, effort and time you will find yourself developing that rock solid core you have always dreamed about.

Discover your ultimate potential and incorporate easy stretching exercises into your everyday lifestyle. It will benefit your complete body and it also does not require much effort on your part and is an easy warming up exercise prior to commencing your usual fitness routine like bending and flexing. After all, your fitness is everything so do what it takes to keep the body healthy. Remember, Fitness and Health ideas recommends you seek medical advice before commencing any fitness or health program.

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